Frozen Vegetables That You Ignored Are Actually Cheap, Delicious And Nutritious

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The frozen food in American supermarkets is really dazzling. In the practice of "lazy",Americans have played to the extreme. In addition to various semi-finished products, there are also a lot of frozen vegetables, usually a variety of vegetable mixes that have been cut into small pieces.

However, many people think that because frozen vegetables are stored for a longer time, the loss of nutrients will be larger and the taste will not be good.

At the beginning, we also had such concerns. After inquiring about the doctor and searching for some information on the Internet, we found that frozen vegetables are actually very good.

frozen vegetables

Freezing process

The factory pre-cools the fresh vegetables first, reducing the temperature of the vegetables to about 0 to 10 degrees, and further processing them (screening, washing, peeling, dicing, etc.) in a low temperature environment.

Subsequently, the vegetables are subjected to microbial killing and biological enzyme inactivation treatment, thereby prolonging the preservation time of the vegetables and ensuring that the taste of the vegetables is not too bad.

Finally, quickly cool the vegetables to -18 to -20 degrees Celsius in a -30 degrees Celsius quick-freezing environment.

After this series of operations, the microorganisms, dirt and pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables have been effectively controlled. Storage at low temperature also inhibits the growth of microorganisms in vegetables, so that vegetables will not spoil. Compared with vegetables that have been stored and transported at room temperature, and fresh vegetables that have been stored in supermarkets or their own refrigerators for a period of time, they are much safer.

In terms of nutritional convenience, frozen vegetables lose nutrients more slowly than vegetables that have been transported and stored at room temperature for a long time. Quick freezing prevents rapid loss of nutrients and is more stable than vegetables that are transported and stored for a long time. As long as it is stored properly, the nutrition will hardly change much in the storage of several months.


Common types of frozen vegetables

Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, green beans, asparagus, water chestnuts, peas, mushrooms, bell peppers, and more.

To buy vegetables online, just search for "frozen vegetable", every supermarket has a lot of choices.


Suitable for the crowd

Busy migrant workers: Because the vegetables have already been pre-processed, there is no need to spend time washing and cutting vegetables when cooking, which can actually save a lot of time, and the dishes you eat at each meal are also richer.

It is for people who rare cook at home: if you buy fresh vegetables and do not cook them in time, they will be easily damaged. It will be much more convenient to store some frozen vegetables and frozen meat in the refrigerator.

Anyone who thinks chopping vegetables is too troublesome, but wants to eat a lot of vegetables in one meal.

 frozen vegetables

Perfect for fried rice

I really like to buy a frozen vegetable mix that contains corn kernels, green beans, and diced carrots. It's a fried rice artifact! Cut some diced luncheon meat or sausage into it, the fried rice is really delicious and convenient.


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