What Are Frozen Vegetables

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Frozen vegetables are vegetables that have had their temperature reduced and maintained to below their freezing point for the purpose of storage and transportation (often for far longer than their natural shelf life would permit) until they are ready to be eaten. They may be commercially packaged or frozen at home. A wide range of frozen vegetables are sold in supermarkets.


The core temperature of quick-frozen vegetables must be within 30 minutes, from minus 1 degree to minus 5 degrees, and then to below minus 15 degrees. Any frozen vegetables that can reach or exceed this speed can be called quick-frozen vegetables. It can be seen that the primary condition for determining quick-frozen vegetables is the requirement of quick-freezing.


At present, in our country, the processing technology of quick-frozen vegetables is very mature. In order to ensure that there is no difference between eating and fresh vegetables, the color, taste and taste can be adjusted during processing. The finished quick-frozen vegetables must be cleaned, fresh, and retain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional content, without additives.


In order to ensure product quality, every batch of quick-frozen vegetables in the factory processing, from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, will be tested for pesticide residues and microorganisms. The State Administration of Commodity Inspection will conduct sampling inspection and supervision on each batch of vegetables. The safety of quick-frozen vegetables is absolutely guaranteed. The general process of quick-frozen vegetables is: raw material-grading-cooling-washing-pretreatment-blanching-cooling, draining-quick freezing-packaging-frozen storage.


Frozen vegetables have some advantages over fresh ones, in that they are available when the fresh counterpart is out-of-season, they have a very long shelf life when kept in a freezer and that they often have been processed a step or more closer to eating. In many cases, they may be more economical to purchase than their fresh counterparts.

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