Good Reasons Why Frozen Mushrooms Should Be Incorporated Into Your Meal

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Frozen mushrooms are highly nutritious earthy shoots that comes in a wide range. It can only be used as a garnish on a steak or as a side dish on a plate.

However, this notion of the use of frozen mushrooms has been debunked and now you can include mushrooms to your modern diet on a regular basis by combining them with ground beef for increased flavor and health benefits.

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Here are the reasons you should be excited in this mix of frozen mushrooms with grounded meat.

 Frozen mushrooms

1.  Frozen mushrooms are fat-free.

A certain quantity of dietary fat is necessary for good health because it aids in the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients and provides critical fatty acids, which the body cannot manufacture on its own.

Many people, however, consume far too much saturated fat, contrary to the American Heart Association's (and other credible organizations') advice to restrict your daily intake.

Lowering your meat serving size is a simple method to reduce your fat intake right now. A portion of your meat can be replaced with fat-free mushrooms.

Simply mix to minimize the fat content of your next meal, whether it's a 70/30 mushroom to meat blend inside a pot of chili or a 40/60 meat to mushroom blend in tacos.

2. Certain frozen mushrooms can contain Vitamin D, and all contain B vitamins.

Mushrooms react to light in the same manner that people do, absorbing vitamin D from sunlight.

Unfortunately, many commercially grown mushrooms are only exposed to minimal artificial light during growing, so they never get enough UV light to generate this potent vitamin.

However, some producers, such as Monterey Mushrooms, expose their high vitamin D mushrooms to ultraviolet rays prior to packaging, converting them to vitamin D.

These nutrient-dense mushrooms aid in the absorption of calcium, which is essential for bone health. By helping the body to absorb calcium, vitamin D may reduce the risk of osteoporosis and related bone fractures.

In fact, “High Vitamin D” mushrooms are the only readily available produce item with this bone-strengthening nutrient.

3. Mushrooms are a source of selenium.

Selenium is a trace mineral that also functions as an antioxidant. This potent nutrient is required for the regular functioning of your thyroid gland, as well as the regulation of your heart and digestive functions.

Furthermore, it has the potential to promote better brain growth! White mushrooms include roughly 8 mcg of selenium in three ounces (85 g), which is 15% of your daily value (DV).

Brown mushrooms have even higher antioxidant content, with 40 percent of the daily value in the same serving size.

Because selenium is also found in pork, combining these mushrooms with it can provide you with much more of this trace element in a single meal.

4. Mushrooms have antioxidant-like properties.

It contains two key antioxidant-like chemicals, ergothioneine and glutathione, regardless of the type of mushroom consumed.

According to Penn State researchers, these long-named chemicals could help combat aging and improve health. Mushrooms contain the most of these two antioxidants when combined in the diet.

By protecting your cells from "toxic" free radicals, ergothioneine and glutathione can aid in the recovery from oxidative stress.

In our nutritional value blog post, find out more about the free radical theory of aging and how mushrooms can help. Then, cut up some mushrooms to combine with your preferred meat or plant-based substitute.

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