Manufacturing Process Of Frozen Vegetables And Fruits

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The rise in frozen food cannot be ignored as individuals continuously switch their choice from fresh food to frozen food. The great benefits derived from it is a satisfactory one which keeps consumers coming back again and again.

However, arguments have spored overtime with several opinion as to if the process of manufacturing these frozen foods are healthy and appropriate. We will be looking at a few process to the manufacturing of frozen vegetables and fruits.

There are no much difference in the manufacturing process of frozen vegetables and fruits. Hence, they undergo the same process and steps.

Cultivation of the veggies and fruits

Several fruits and vegetables are cultivated on the farm according to their variety and specifications as required by the food processors.

This is because, different species of vegetables and fruits have their freezing abilities. Hence, a specie with better freezing abilities will be cultivated.

Picking and washing

At the point of harvest, the produce are collected from the farm. This can be done by hand picking or automatically.

For vegetables that have shell like the pea plant, the pea has to be removed from its shell by a machine called "viner."

Afterwards, these vegetables and fruits are transported to the processing plant where they are washed to get rid of the dust and dirt on them. This is done by spraying with water.


At this stage the vegetables and fruits are move to a vat containing boiling water to stay there for few minutes.

This step is meant kill enzymes which may have effect on the taste of the frozen food. But surprising which is a good one, they do not get cooked by the heat of the water.

After they have been blanched, water is used to cool down their temperature. From here, they proceed to the sorting stage.

frozen foods


At the sorting stage, here they are passed through a gravity sort. For veggies, old and starchy ones are removed.

They are sunk into water containing a definite amount of salt. The starchy and old veggies sink to the bottom of the tank while the tender ones which are the good ones float at the surface of the liquid.

The good ones are then spread with clean water to wash of the salt from them. On their way the go to the inspection area.


At this place of inspection, those working here carefully inspect the vegetables and fruits by taking quick look at them as they move along a belt.

The aim is to remove any coloured produce aside its original colour, and any rock or possible detritus which would have made it to this point successfully.

Freezing and packaging

Freezing could come before packaging and vice and versa. If the first, then the produce are passed through a blast tunnel where the ultra cool air freezing them.

Another way is to put them on belts which will allow them to have contact with a metal plate which is being cooled from underneath by a chilled ammonia.

If the second is the case, the packaged Veggetables and fruits are then loaded into trays and then stacked in a multi-plate freezer.

This freezer brings the packages in contact with the both chilled plates which at the top and bottom.

After the freezing is complete, workers load this packaged frozen foods into crates and keep them in  a cooling room until their time for shipping.

Testing kitchen

For a good and healthy nourishing food, these products are tested even after their freezing process is completed.

Hence, they are taken to the testing kitchen where they are are cooked. They are cooked using conventional oven or microwave oven.

This is to confirm if the frozen foods are of good quality. Hence the taste and outcome it produce when they are used in the kitchen is observed.

When, they have been certified to have good taste and high quality, they can now be distributed.


At the point of distribution, the frozen food should be kept at a temperature of 0° F(-17.8° C). So also, when they are being stored afterwards.

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