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Yellow Peach

Yellow peach is rich in VC and a large amount of cellulose, carotene and various trace elements needed by the human body, and its nutritional value is very rich. The emergence of IQF freezing technology allows this fruit that can only be eaten in summer to be enjoyed in winter.

Jooever as a senior frozen food importer and exporter, who has BRC, HACCP, ISO, IFS, KOSHER and HALAL certifications. So you can buy our frozen yellow peach with confidence! You can choose from IQF frozen yellow peach whole or frozen yellow peach cut depending on your needs.

IQF frozen yellow peaches better maintain the nutrients of yellow peaches, and the shapes of IQF frozen yellow peaches are also varied. The forms of IQF frozen yellow peach we provide are: IQF Frozen Yellow Peach halves, IQF Frozen Yellow Peach slice, IQF Frozen Yellow Peach dice

Service of Jooever IQF Frozen Yellow Peach

  • We offer frozen yellow peach with a shelf life of 24 months. 

  • Our delivery standard is a 1 x 20’ reefer container, normally 1 x 20’ reefer container can load around 10MT.

  • Your order of frozen yellow peach can be shipped within 2~3 weeks.


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