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Broccoli has a complete nutritional composition, rich in Va, Vc and a considerable amount of Vb1 and Vb2 as well as phosphorus, iron, calcium and other inorganic substances, its color is bright green, the flavor is fragrant, the flower stems are crisp and tender, the quality is better than kale, the flavor is fresher than cauliflower. Frozen broccoli can preserve the nutrition and form of broccoli to a great extent.

The edible part of broccoli is mainly the crisp and tender flower stems and the short, fat flower shoots and tightly clustered, globular flower buds. We offer frozen broccoli stalks and frozen broccoli florets.

Jooever as a senior frozen broccoli manufacturer, supplier and exporter, who has BRC, HACCP, ISO, IFS, KOSHER and HALAL certifications. So you can buy our frozen broccoli with confidence! You can choose from IQF frozen broccoli whole or frozen broccoli cut depending on your needs.


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