How To Thaw Frozen Food?

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The method of thawing frozen food is wrong, which is like putting the refrigerator in vain! The incorrect thawing of food will not only cause the loss of nutrients, but also may deteriorate and cause food poisoning. What the hell is going on, let us find out!


If the thawing is wrong, does it really matter?

When the food is frozen, the low temperature inhibits the activity of the microorganisms in it. During the thawing process, as the temperature rises, the microorganisms begin to recover and their activity increases. Generally, the temperature range suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms is 5-60°C. Bacteria will multiply rapidly in the food 2 hours after leaving the freezing environment. 

What we often use to take out frozen food and defrost it at room temperature is to keep the food in this temperature range for a long time. The growth of microorganisms can be imagined, which will undoubtedly increase food safety risks.

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The correct way to unfreeze, get it!

Refrigerate and defrost

As the name implies, the frozen food is transferred to the refrigerator before cooking. This thawing method does not cause nutrient loss of the food and does not easily cause bacterial growth. It is the safest way to defrost meat.


Cold water thawing

When frozen food is in urgent need, it can be thawed in cold water. Because water has better heat transfer performance than air, the thawing time can be shortened. Flow thawing is better than static water, but it is a bit of a waste of water.


Microwave thawing

Many people may find that there is a defrost function on the microwave oven. Yes, when you are in a hurry to defrost food, you can try microwave defrosting. It uses electromagnetic waves to make the polar molecules in the frozen food rotate at a very high speed, and uses the principle of mutual vibration, friction, and collision between molecules to generate a large amount of heat energy, which makes the frozen food heat up at the same time from the inside to the surface.

But it should be noted that the microwave oven thawing is prone to overheating effect. That is to say, using this method may occur that the inside of the food has not been thawed, but the outer surface has been overheated, and overheating will denature protein or change the tissue structure, reduce the quality of the food, and affect the taste.


In addition, after the steamed cooked product is frozen, it can be thawed by heating when thawing, that is, adding a small amount of water to the pot and slowly heating it with a small fire. Don't do it too hastily to prevent the phenomenon of external rot and internal cold caused by thawing by fire. Some frozen vegetables do not need to be thawed specifically and can be cooked directly after blanching.

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