Interesting Facts About Wholesale Frozen Vegetables That You Should Know

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Have you ever purchased fresh vegetables that got spoiled before you arrived home due to a delay at  the traffic? Or did you plan you to use them at a certain time but wasn't able to because they couldn't last that long?

Vegetable is an important part our balance diet  that provides us with many nutritional benefits. Hence, they should not be avoided. The best solution to this problem is the use of frozen vegetables.

They last longer and are able to still provide you with the same nutritional value. Do you want to reduce the number of times you visit the grocery store? If so, then you ought to purchase wholesale frozen vegetables.

Frozen  vegetables are prepared by a process known as flash freezing. This process prevents the break-down and loss of the vegetable's nutritional content. Although, some vegetables requires blanching before they can be flash-frozen.

In blanching process, the vegetables are introduced into boiling water for a very short period of time, then into ice-cold water.

Afterwards, they are chopped and packaged in plastic bag. And finally, they go into the freezer where they are frozen at zero-degree Fahrenheit.

The bad side of blanching is that while it destroys bacteria and enzymes that bring about spoilage, it also destroys  a few water soluble vitamins.

Nevertheless, frozen vegetables are still far better than the so called fresh vegetables that have been slowly decomposing on its thousand miles journey to your kitchen.

Altogether, the good news is that modern flash-freezing technology have been able to preserve the quality and nutritional value of frozen vegetables.

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Here are interesting facts about frozen vegetables.

· Frozen vegetables are high in nutrition

Immediately you pick fresh vegetables, they start to oxidize. This oxidation process causes them to lose their nutritional value.

Fresh vegetables are usually harvested before they are fully ripe. They are artificially ripened during transport to the market.

Sometimes it could be weeks or months from when they are harvested to when they end up on your plate.  

Just consider how long they might have spent on their way to the market, on the grocery shells and finally, in your refrigerator.

However, frozen vegetables is picked at its peak ripeness and nutrition.

They are flash-frozen within a few hours after harvest to make sure that their nutritional contents, taste and texture are retained.


· Buying frozen vegetables help you save money

With frozen vegetables, you can cook just the amount you need and keep the rest frozen and waste is avoided.

They could last for months in your fridge with little deterioration. Although, it is advisable to use your vegetables with six months.

In the winter, most fresh vegetables become more expensive. So frozen vegetables are much more affordable because you can buy in bulk and store for a good of time.


· Frozen vegetables save your time

They require little or no preparation since they are normally prewashed, peeled and chopped.  Therefore, you spend less time preparing your meal.


· They taste great when cooked properly

They usually become mushy when boiled because they will absorb excess water. It is advisable to cook in pastas, soups, or you can simply stir-fry them. They are taste great when cooked plainly or slightly seasoned and served immediately.

 frozen vegetables

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