What Are The Pros And Cons Of Frozen Food?

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In todays world, frozen food has become the most choiced compared to fresh meals. Ride on with me as I take you through various reasons why frozen food has become one of the choiced food in our recent times.

Pros of Frozen Food

1. High Nutrition in frozen food

At the harvesting of fresh crops, the nutrients in the crops along the vitamins are of high concentration. Hence, this is the perfect time to refrigerate it.

The nutrition of this plants are kept intact when frozen, even at transit stage, vitamins remain intact. This hence is an edge over fresh foods.

You can agree with me that at this frozen food will be preferred as the fresh food will loss it's quality as time pass before it's even being delivered to you.

2. Lack of Preservatives

Wandered of the preservatives used to secure your frozen foods? You need not to panic. We all know that preservatives are made of chemicals which could be injurious to the health of a large consuming populace. Hence it is not added into the frozen foods.

The refrigeration process itself is a preservative measure as it does not allow for spoilage.

Taking vegetables as an example, after being harvested from the farm land, they are properly washed and hence blanched. After this, it will be refrigerated which makes for the veggies free of micro organisms.

3. Less Wastage

The usage of frozen food will account for efficiency in the utilization of food. You can only prepare or use what you can consume per time with the rest refrigerated. It is also cost worthy as money is not wasted. As stated in the British Food Journal, about fourty seven percent of food is less wasted compared to fresh foods. Hence, your resources is not wasted.

4. Availability of Food at all Seasons

The problem of seasonal foods is tackled as you can have access to all food at any given period of the year.

As we all know, some plants are seasonally grown and are not available in the market system as fresh foods in every part of the year. But there is an exemption in regards to frozen foods.

You can now have accessibility to all sort of foods during the course of the year, both in season and out of season. You will be able to satisfy your cravings for a specific kind of food at a given time, you do not also need to regulate your meals.

5. Ease and Convenience

The availability of frozen foods in your freezer gives convenience as it is very easy to prepare. Coming back from a long day of work to meet an empty freezer could be so deverstating.

Purchasing frozen food in bulk is cost worthy as it is not as expensive compared to that of fresh foods. Your refrigerated food can stay a very long time without spoiling but when you get fresh food, you know you just have to use up everything in order to prevent spoilage and wastage.

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Cons of Frozen Food

As consuming frozen food is of a great advantage, there are also various disadvantage associated with the consumption which will be stated below.

1. Loss of Vitamins

Yes it is very true that frozen food retains the vitamins and minerals of the produce yet, if strored for more than expected, the value of the food will be lost which will result to low quality of food.

2. Necessity of Electricity

Frozen food will get spoilt as a result of no electricity. The absence of electricity will result to early spoilage of frozen food which will not make for the efficiency of it's purpose.

Frozen foods are supposed to stay for a long period of time but as a result of low or no electricity availability, the food tend to spoil and the effect of frozen food is not met.

3. Relatively Expensive to Maintain

Though said earlier that frozen food is cost worthy and not expensive, the sustainance could be cost.

Your refrigerator must be powered in order to keep your frozen food fresh. You must also posses a refrigerator hence your purchase of frozen food is futile.

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