Reasons Why The US Prefer Frozen Foods

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There is a popular saying by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that frozen produce tends to contain similar nutrients, and at times, they surpass other products in terms of nutritional value.

So, in case you may be wondering why so many people love and prefer to opt for frozen food, that is exactly one of the reasons.

However, in recent times it has been estimated that there is a very high increase in the choice of frozen food in many countries, particularly in the US.

With this, one question you will obviously be asking is why the a high intake or preference for frozen in the US compared to other countries. That is exactly what this article will walk you through as you read on.

Top reasons why the US prefers frozen food

Below are some of the top-ranking reasons why the US is notorious for the consumption of frozen food;

· Convenience

Frozen foods are actually more convenient than other types since all the various processes such as picking, cleaning, chopping, dicing, and squeezing have been carried out.

This goes a long way in prolonging the shelf-life as well as allowing for easy transportation of the food produced without it undergoing any form of spoilage.

· Easy access

Frozen foods have been made readily available and accessible to people who are in dare need of them. During the hours of selecting food items such as vegetables and fresh fruits, such food items are quickly processed and frozen the forestall any form of spoilage in quality, flavor, nutrient or texture.

· Economy

Frozen food items save time, energy and resources. It saves you the stress of paying for pits, stalks, harmed and skinned food items. Their prices are at an affordable rate while still maintaining the quality of frozen foods.

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· Ability of frozen foods to retain their freshness

Frozen food items are always sealed and packaged fresh. This helps in retaining its quality and flavor.

Most food items designed for the freezer are properly selected based on their flavor and nutrition before they are finally processed and frozen at a stipulated time in order to prevent spoilage and loss in the quality of such food items.

· Safe consumption

Frozen food items are usually explicit in offering food directions to prevent the error of undercooked foods. There are usually steps to be followed before such food item is consumed.

Although, most of the steps involved in the processing if the food have been carried out (e.g. chopping and dicing). All that is left is to heat such food items and then serve them. This goes a long way in preventing contamination during the process of preparation.

· It prevents wastage

Frozen foods possess an increased rate of edibility. There is no additional cost attached to wastes such as, shells and pits of fruits, stripes of vegetables, fats present in meat or bones in fish.

In the course of investigating 13 vegetables, studies show that about 40% of unprocessed vegetables is being lost during the peeling and shelling process before they are prepared for consumption which is also about 40% of the vegetables bought.

· Longer storage

Frozen foods tend to possess a longer shelf-life than other food items take for instance, the frozen fish we get. It continues to retain its freshness after being stored in the freezer for close to eight months without changing its quality.

Whereas the normal fish gotten from the market doesn’t last up to 8 days before it is consumed. Likewise, frozen food sources packed in poly sacs (fruits, vegetables, pasta) offer simple portion control. All you need to do is to spill out the required amount and return the rest to the cooler for sometime later.

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As indicated by the U.S. Census Department, the greater part of families present in the nation today comprise only a couple of individuals.

Many frozen items have been made particularly for these families where we have single-serving side dishes, desserts and entrees. There is no case of loss since there are no fragments left.

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