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Strawberries are rich in nutritional value and are known as the "Queen of Fruits". They are rich in various vitamins, especially vitamin C. However, the season of strawberry is relatively short. If you want to eat delicious strawberry all year round, you can choose Jooever frozen strawberry.

Jooever as a senior frozen food importer and exporter, who has BRC, HACCP, ISO, IFS, KOSHER and HALAL certifications. So you can buy our frozen strawberry with confidence!

Varieties of Jooever frozen strawberry

Frozen Strawberry Monterey, Frozen Strawberry AM13, Frozen Strawberry Sweet Charlie, Frozen Strawberry Honey, Frozen Strawberry All Star

If you want other varieties of strawberries, you can contact us directly!

Morphology of frozen strawbery

  • Frozen Strawberry puree

  • IQF Frozen Strawberry dice

  • Frozen 4+1 Sliced Strawberry

  • Frozen Whole Strawberry

Service of Jooever IQF Frozen Strawberry

  • We offer frozen strawberry with a shelf life of 24 months.

  • Our delivery standard is a 1 x 20’ reefer container, normally 1 x 20’ reefer container can load around 10MT.

  • Your order of frozen strawberry can be shipped within 2~3 weeks.


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