Why Are Frozen Fruits And Veggies Cheaper Than Fresh Ones?

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Frozen fruit is usually picked when it’s ripe and is immediately frozen to maintain its nutritional benefits, frozen fruits and veggies are economical because they last many months after their harvest than the fresh ones that get spoilt after some time.

Fresh fruits and veggies are the fresh harvest fruit that comes out seasonal and their nutritional value is optimal but if frozen it will affect the natural texture of the fruit if frozen above its normal temperature.

Below is the reason why frozen fruits and veggies are cheaper than fresh ones and it will guide you when purchasing some at the market.

1. Nutritional value

Research made it known that frozen fruits and veggies are still nutritional like the fresh ones and some of them even retain nutrients, especially vitamin A.

It was found out that frozen fruit has higher vitamin content and the frozen process keeps the fresh fruit nutrient intact while the fresh fruit might lose its nutrients the longer it stays in the grocery store.

Fresh fruits and veggies

2. Convenient

Frozen fruits and veggies are easy to prewash and pre-cut into the microwave or pan when you are ready to consumable them than the fresh ones which would be thoroughly washed before consuming and the stem of the veggies isn’t soft enough to cut into the pan.

3. Affordable

Frozen fruits and veggies are cheaper because they are available to more people at any given time compared to the fresh ones that won’t last long. So, the fresh fruits would be sold at a higher price to meet up the cost of harvesting and other expenses.

But the frozen fruits could last for days in the grocery store and 100-50 people could purchase them when needed to be consumed.

4. Smoothies

Frozen fruits are easily used to fill up protein drinks that you take in the morning and most confectionery companies fill up their yogurt and oatmeal with a scoop of frozen fruit to make it taste look pleasant and nourishing.

5. Flexibility

Fresh veggies are used for a longer period compared to fresh ones because you don’t need to go to the grocery store every day to pick up the supplies but you can easily store them up in the freezer.

The frozen veggies serve as an alternative to canned ones which are usually preserved with salt and if it’s preserved with salt, the color and taste of the veggies will be shabby.

Frozen fruits and veggies are cheaper compared to fresh ones because of the flexibility and convenience to store the fresh fruits ahead of supplies and the nutritional value doesn’t shabby no matter how long it has frozen.

Frozen fruits and veggies

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