What Are The Benefits Of Frozen Food?

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Frozen foods are an affordable way get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. In fact, families who incorporate frozen foods into their normal routine may have better diet quality. With so many choices in the frozen foods aisle, there are plenty of opportunities to find something you like.


Natural free from preservatives

Frozen foods don’t need to contain preservatives because freezing is a natural form of preserving.  All natural foods start to break down the moment they’re picked, or cooked.  Many food producers have found that the way to keep their foods on the shelf for longer is to add preservatives - most of which are chemicals.  Frozen food does not need preservatives to stay perfect.  It’s a wholly natural process that just needs a reduction in temperature.  Instead of using chemicals to keep foods on the shelf or in the fridge, frozen foods just use ice.  And what could be more natural than that?  Freezing: Nature’s preservative



Choosing frozen food gives you  flexibility over your mealtimes, your favourite dishes will keep in the freezer until you’re ready to eat.

This means you can keep the kitchen stocked with food without worrying that it will go off and be wasted. And it won’t matter if your plans change or you’re not feeling very hungry one day.

 frozen vegetables

Less wastage

Frozen food helps reduce food waste as you use only what you need – which means it’s good in terms of cost, as well as the environment. Frozen products have an extended shelf life and are easier to divide into portions. In fact, research published in the British Food Journal shows that frozen food generates 47 percent less food waste at home than non-frozen food, so families can save money while still eating healthy meals.


No seasonal boundaries

As our palates are constantly being tempted to extend the range of foods we eat we have also grown used to eating the fruit and vegetables we want, whenever we want them. This is in part made better by freezing, because seasonal crops that are frozen during times when ripening is natural, tend to be better tasting, than those forced versions grown out of season. Frozen food also makes seasonal food more affordable throughout the year.


Food safety

Freezing reduces the number of potentially harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.  It does that by preventing micro-organisms from growing (which happens naturally as fresh food degrades.) Freezing suspends microbial and fungal activity in food. As long as it’s frozen, it’s safe.

 frozen fruit

Great nutrition

Freezing foods especially vegetables locks in vitamins at the point of harvest. This means that sensitive vitamins and nutrients are not lost during transportation and frozen vegetables are nutritionally more reliable than fresh foods. In the case of fish, frozen fish is often fresher than fresh fish. Fresh fish can take a week to reach stores in which case it needs added preservatives and does not always retain its original goodness.


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