Top Sellers of Frozen Vegetables

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Frozen vegetables now are very common to see in supermarket and today we will discuss about the top sellers of frozen vegetables.


Frozen Broccoli

Fresh broccoli begins to deteriorate and spoil after just a few days in the fridge. So if you don't plan to use up a whole head of fresh broccoli right away, cooking with frozen broccoli may save you more money and prevent food waste. To achieve that same tender yet crunchy consistency, you can roast broccoli on a sheet pan, steam frozen florets quickly in the microwave, or add it into a cheesy pasta bake.

 frozen broccoli

Frozen Peas

Frozen peas are just as nutritious as any fresh ones, and you can easily pop them into any dish. These peas come already shelled, which can be tedious when you buy fresh.

Peas also contain 9 g of protein per cup, making them one of the best additions to up your protein intake in a vegan curry or pasta. 


Frozen carrots

While carrots are practically available year-round, fresh finds only last a few days in the refrigerator. In the time it takes to transport carrots from the farm to the supermarket, the nutrient levels tend to decrease. On the other hand, frozen carrots are chosen shortly after harvest, allowing them to maintain their fiber, vitamin A, and beta-carotene nutrients.


Frozen spinach

High water content greens, like romaine or butter lettuce, fall completely apart in the freezer – spinach and kale make excellent options for the freezer.

You won't be able to make a freshly-tossed salad with frozen spinach, but you can toss it into almost any other cooked dish, from pasta sauce to curry, for a big hit of nutrients and vitamins. 

Frozen spinach retains folate even better than fresh spinach does, so you won't be sacrificing its health benefits by choosing a convenient frozen option. It’s also already wilted down into dense chunks, whereas if you try to cook with fresh spinach, it seems to evaporate into thin air – you need to use a ton of fresh spinach to yield a cup cooked. 

Drain your spinach in a rolled kitchen towel very well after thawing to avoid a watery mess. 


Frozen corn

For those long months when sweet corn isn't in season, opt for frozen instead of canned. It's just as sweet as fresh ears and takes less time to cook. Another added bonus is that frozen corn generally has less calories and carbs than fresh corn.

 frozen vegetables

Frozen mushrooms

Though mushrooms' texture might make you think they won't make it through the freezing process without turning to slime, the results will surprise you. While frozen mushrooms can be a little wet and slimy once thawed, you can saute them in a dry skillet to allow most of the extra liquid to evaporate. 

Mushrooms are another fantastic high-protein veggie – or fungi, technically – that can up the protein content of vegan and vegetarian meals.


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